Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform owned by Facebook. it was created by Mike Krieger and Kevin systrom. this app was first designed in iOS and a year and a half later an android version was developed. the app allows the user to share the photo and video as posts, user can also browse other user and all the other hashtags and location information and now Instagram have introduced Instagram ads and story mode in which user can update their follower, what they were doing the whole day (separated but connected)


Moving On To The Topic!!

In November 2013 Instagram offered its first ad but had a hard time developing an ad strategy but made through it in the market successfully


Photo sharing is the key feature of Instagram which allows the account holder to share the picture with their followers or people that are connected with, but things have changed in today’s world now people are using these photos to promote their product, service, brand, events and much more. this feature offers them call to action, shop now, install now, leading them to the appropriate page and opening to all the advertisers.

Instagram ads


These ads allow the user to post multiple photos or videos if one not being sufficient and effective for you. these ads give you full information about the product, services, event, etc. these ads keep engagement for a long time as compared to the rest of the ads because it showcases the product from every angle.


Instagram ads

“Build your own Mercedes ad” is one of the examples of this advertisement. it starts with the welcome page with the ability to choose your own color, alloys, and all the other features. for every feature selected the user is directed to the new page until the whole process is completed.

The Instagram story mode was launched in August 2016 which allows users to capture photo and video, add effects and layers, this story expires in 24
hours since this was the biggest hit feature for Instagram, later it got converted as an advertising feature for the service providers. this ad appears while switching to different stories, these ads have the swipe up feature which directs the viewer to the appropriate page.


This ad feature of Instagram helps the user to post the video for 30-60 seconds providing exact information or a teaser to a product. video ads are considered very digital for media as viewer rate is much higher than another medium of advertisements.



Instagram ads can be functioned through facebook, it offers many more functions depending on the campaigns you want to run.
it got awareness campaign which helps in increasing the reach and brand awareness and if you want to be specific about the digital advertisement, it offers traffic building, increases in the engagement, app installation, lead generation and etc also offers the conversion for store traffic or catalog sales

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