E-mail marketing is the hot topic of consideration nowadays and Urmad Solutions guarantees you best email marketing techniques and guidance. As we are leading towards a digital arena and technology is advancing day by day, similar is the advancement of communication. We have come from “message by pigeons” days to “call me” days. And when talking about corporate and its rules, email is most important element of any conversation. It is not only used to deliver offers but also any proposals and other useful information. No meeting or conversation is complete without an acknowledgement mail,and our aim is to make sure that your mail falls in inbox and not in spam. Success factors of e-mail marketing are CRITICAL to following factors :

  • CREATIVE : Overall layout of the mail must be very creative and to the point. It must call for attention and ask the receiver to read the contents. It should be created according to color schemes which are correct for the type of mail you are planning.
  • RELEVANCE : Create the mail in such a format and language that reader feels his importance while reading it. Make it personalized to each person. Give them a reason to read and create a flow.
  • INCENTIVE : Offer something free. A deal or an offer which makes them ask about “what is in it for me” ? Why should i read or subscribe ?
  • TIMING : Do not send emails during mid night or off-working time. Send it at a time when the user will be willing to open up and read. Do not over flood the mail box, make sure to send the mail which does not make the receiver feel burdened.
  • INTEGRATION : Best mail is the one which completes all the aims of sender, either its subscribing or buying, it showcases everything in one sight. Hence, try to bring all the elements together beautifully so that you deliver the best in one go.
  • COPY : Make sure you put up copyrighted content via putting correct signatures, subject line and original and pure content.
  • ATTRIBUTES : Do not forget to mention all the attributes of mail i.e subject, cc, to, from, date/time, greeting, etc. No content can personalize with the reader unless it is furnished with required details.
  • LANDING PAGE : The key to all the marketing strategy applied is landing page. The landing page on your website must be accurate, high load time, capable of driving visitor, capable of engaging him, one which can offer high conversion on sales. It must be SEO optimized and front end corrected.

Get Receivers Consent

Numbers And Timing

Action And Analysis

PHASE I : Getting Receiver Consent

Here we simply get the user consent that he/she is comfortable in receiving mails from us or wants to receive mails from us. We do this by asking them to subscribe to us via newsletter or forum or subscribe button. Here we ask the user to give us information and consent by himself. We try to answer the questions that he may come across while providing his details, It is important to create trust via whatever you display on the portal where you are asking for details. One must keep certain points while opting for e-mail marketing.

  • Why we need your mail ?
  • How many times we will mail you ?
  • What will we mail you ?
  • Will you get discounts ?
  • Will he receive good offers or garbage ?

It is very important to lure the reader with your deal and make him subscribe. Either the content should be emphatic or else wise.  If you maintain a daily update or update on mails according to what you mentioned during subscribe and if you also keep offering something relevant to users choice then it will gain you potential user for a long time. Make sure you don’t flood the inbox of reader, it will eventually decrease your value for him and will force you to blacklisting.

PHASE II : Numbers And Timing

It relates to what you have promised to reader. If you have said that you will be sending mails once/week then stick to it. Don’t keep sending mails out of the box. If you keep on sending bulk mails it will lead to failure of your promotions. It is important to know about when to pitch the mail, put yourself in the shoe of reader and think about when will he like the mail to be received and read. Also, keep on presenting best offers depending on buyers buying habit. Don’t present the products they are not interested in, it will create a black hole for you.

PHASE III : Action And Analysis

As the word says, apply the changes mentioned and start working in the direction to gain potential readers/users. Follow up to what you say, send regular mails (timed in intervals), keep the content original and calling, broadcast messages, send messages which call out for user interaction. E-mail marketing is very effective if done accurately, keep the format refreshing and front end reflective of colors.