Urmad Solutions is a technology museum based in India. It is based on the unique motive of bringingSolution to your mad ideas. We believe that every time our brain is thinking of some or other mad ideas. But we fail to find a solution or ray of hope to work on that mad idea. Hence; we are here to provide you a 360-degree solution to your mad ideas. 

We are promoting Passion via Digitization“, With the concept of digital world on it’s peak of evolution, It is becoming the need of every small or large business. Your expansion and establishment are what we achieve for you. Digital activities are a way of reaching people all over the world. With it, you can target people living in USA by sitting in India. You can not only reach your desired age group but also can drill down the areas and miles you wish to target in.

Digital is the big thing today and bright coming future. It is a reason which is replacing long queues and increasing ease of work. Technology friendly and trend symbol – making you digital every day. Our team is a group of passionate people, working in ordinance with clients, providing help, query solving, etc on a 24*7 schedule. They all work for *happy clients*. Some of you wish to beat the old traders of their fields, others wish to create a new vision via their idea and many wishes to stand high on the Google search list. With us, “you can achieve it”. 

We believe that brand marketing has fundamentally changed in the last few years. Some key factors impacting the change are:

  • 2-way interaction: Power for the brands to be able to listen to people and respond.
  • Extremely short attention span: You got something for me, then say it already. Else, move on. I got better things to do.
  • Storytelling: From catch attention and then a product window to telling a story over multiple touchpoints and multiple interlinked messages, marketing is no longer about the product.
  • Need-based to value-based: Consumers no longer buy products based on need, they buy products based on value. Hence the focus is no longer on the product itself. Rather it’s on the entire periphery surrounding the product we lovingly call as ‘brand experience’.
  • Feeling connected: Consumer has plethora of available choices and has an innate desire to know more about the product they use and build a connection with the brand. For e.g. more Indians feel connected to Steve Jobs knowing he traveled India for exploring himself.
  • Larger than life: People like brands that are larger than life and provides more. They feel good if the brand they are working with is socially more responsible or has other facets they could associate with.

Urmad Solutions has been in the business of helping brands leverage digital media by creating unique engagement avenues for the brands. While most of it is focused around leveraging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, etc and creating individual custom engagement games & applications, we have seen major missing links between what the brands could do to get best ROI from digital media.

To be a change agent by powering the conversations of India on the web. Restore the balance of power between the brands and consumers. Creating a level playing field where the power of social / digital media runs the world. And all other marketing avenues (TV, print, events, PR) act as integrators and touch-points for recall and visibility.

To be the most respected digital company in India. Providing world-class services coupled with world-class products & platforms.


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