Urmad solutions provides you sky high schemes and best service in search engine optimizationand that is why it is the best SEO company in india as well as abroad. SEO is the necessity of every business, small or large which has a digital presence. Not only it helps in increasing the search engine (like Google, Bing, etc) ranking but also help in minimizing the spam score and ends up in bringing the website in top searches based on keywords used.

What is SEO ?

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing technique which helps in Increasing ranking on Google. Whenever you type a keyword on any search engine, it shows some results which appear in a count of ten on your screen. Those results are organic results which appear on top because of high Google ranking.

Categorization under SEO

  • On-Page It is done on every page of the website. All the content written on the page is Google optimized by doing keyword stuffing and producing in-linking within the pages of website to offer longer session time and low bounce rate.1) Site performance
    2) Site Map
    3) Using google Webmasters
    4) Using google Analytics
    5) Increasing keyword density
    6) Producing interlinking
    7) Editing and correcting robots.txt
  • Off-Page It is very important factor which adds up to Google ranking. It is build in an effective way by linking your website with many other websites. i.e. mentions of your links on other websites. It also increases the authorship of domain name.1) Social media linking
    2) RSS feeds
    3) Directory submission
    4) Forum postings
    5) Press releases
    6) Link building

Image ON Page and OFF Page best SEO company

Our company has best solutions to increase your presence on your favorite search engine with our 5-step solution.That is why we are best SEO company in world.

1) Discovery
We personally sit with the client and discuss his/her idea and discuss upon the facts that will help him/her grow in that field. we gather the data required and then act accordingly.

2) Strategy
We prepare a working model, pie-charts, excels and other documents according to the data gathered and then strategise for further actions to be performed on website for better ranking and good SEO scores.

3) On-site optimization
After following the strategy we follow the on-site optimization process, set up site maps, make changes in codes and data on your website to make it completely authentic and search engine friendly.

4) Content Optimization
Optimize the content by adding it versatility and keywords which can serve the purpose. Keywords are the words that we write on a search bar in any search engine and get a bunch of results for our search.

5) Analysis and Report
Workout the methods mentioned and present a report of analysis of your growth with conversion details about audiences. We provide you monthly as well as yearly details about your audience status and their responses with reach data.

URMAD Solutions delivers best results as we provide high quality links and generate great ROI for our clients and hence we guarantee you to have services from one of the best SEO company in this whole world.