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Urmad solutions is one of the best and topmost social media marketing company. We not only guarantee high reach but also promise potential targets. With us you can explore and expand over the digital market via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vimeo, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, etc. Social media optimization can only be acquired with good optimization and correct targeting. Social media is  platform where one can connect to a person of any age, gender, community and religion. One can not only create a community on social media but can also join other communities. Targeting of people is judged on the basis of posts that you make to connect. It must be clear, provoking, emphatic and sensational. All social medias have  a dip system, if you decrease your activity then your reach will drop and if you follow spamming you will be stopped from further activities for next 24 hours.

How we work as Social media marketing company?

  1. Understand the business model.
  2. Design a B-plan and build dedicated accounts.
  3. Work for targeting potential audience.
  4. Apply filters.
  5. Get reach and audience.
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Let's attract the audiences with social media tools

Facebook is a social media interface where people from all over the world with age groups ranging from 18-65 can be found. Facebook AdWords allows to target people of different age groups, interests, area, etc. Best part of AdWords is that it makes you reach more people similar to that areas of interest. Also you can link Instagram with Facebook to monitor reach on both platforms.
Instagram is an image sharing social media platform. Much similar to Facebook ,it also has a (Promote) named AdWords service which allows to reach desired audience on a certain required age group.
Twitter is a micro-blogging site which offers audience reach ,judgement and decisions to its verified accounts. It has a separate ,external AdWords which is not visible anywhere in basic accounts.
LinkedIn is a social media platform for business /corporate dealers and people who are in search of jobs. It  has an AdWords which helps in promoting posts to the people having similar interests or certain requirement that you offer . it has levels of working and premium accounts are at its top level.
Pinterest is a social media platform which is useful when you are a product based company. It helps in showcasing and promoting products and details. It allows to pin different products from different websites to your platform.

SMO has two divisions organic and inorganic. 

Organic reach is obtained by putting in “No Penny” i.e. it does not include any money to be spend. It happens when you reach a no. of audience by putting posts over a group, page, sharing from multiple profiles, comments and likes, etc. Organic reach is a desire for all the brands but it decreasing with increasing no. of people who are joining facebook or any other social medias. Due to dip algorithms of these social medias your posts can reach only upto 10% of the organic audience even after a lot of shares and settings.

Inorganic reach is currently the matter of interests for all the brands. It not only reaches a higher no. of audiences but also targets the correct audience. People are shifting towards inorganic (paid) market. Inorganic reach means that people will have to spend money to reach the people whom they want to target.
This category gives you a benefit of selecting age groups, gender, interests, areas and places to target people. Not only this one has to select the budget that they can spend for a campaign and then the media serves with results about what will be the reach (ranging from maximum to minimum) in the mentioned budget. With application of filters reach gradually decreases but still people find this method much more productive and promising than organic. And for the fantasizing fact, social media is earning with its AdWords in billions of dollars. People who have large or small brands are tentatively increasing the use of inorganic ways to reach the audience.

Which one is your choice for social media marketing?