Content marketing is the real thing one has to work upon. Most important element of any digital activity is it’s content, which must be pure, reflective, engaging, calling and attractive enough to call for action. Many people have a myth that content is only about what is “written” but it is much more than that. It is about how that written material is presented, it is about the mode of presentation, level of engagement, and much more. It started from blogging and today has become an essential ingredient of every online project. From online ads to e-mails, from a portfolio website to any e-commerce website, it is all about the content, about what you present and how you do it?

Let’s dig deep into it and know about what is content marketing?

Content marketing is the way in which you market your services or products in front of your respective customers. It can be an audio or any visual representation for the same. Important thing is content to be pure and original, emphatic and calling, so that you are able to achieve what you desire for. Pure content also result in good SEO results and falsifies the high spam scores. But don’t forget to copyright your content using search engine tools. (Google : Webmasters)

Digital File Management 35%
Content Management Systems 57%
Content Workflow Software 44%
E-mail Marketing 76%
Marketing Automated Software 42%

Content Marketing Strategies Popular : 2017 Data

Content plays a very important role in every field today. It not only is a key factor in minimizing spam score but is also a major factor effecting SEO results. It can make you a leader of top google searches. The progress bar in this section shows about how people are using the content marketing tools to get on the top.

Different Approaches For Content Marketing

  • Info-graphics : It is the representation of facts and words in form of some graphic elements (charts, pie-charts, bar graphs, etc), It makes the connection of user easier with the reader.
  • Webpages : It is any online page that carries content in form of images, text, video, etc. Every page on WWW is a webpage with some content.
  • Podcasts : It is much like a radio which is not associated with any frequency. A radio/discussion/audio recorded and being played as a video. It is very popular nowadays and works out when a debate has to be carried out.
  • Videos : It can be YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, Boomerangs, live videos or any other visual element which can interact at a higher level with audiences. Video always offer high reach than image or audios.
  • Books : It is any book/novel/general/story/mathematics book/etc, that you are reading to understand about. The content and it’s representations make a huge impact on reader.
  • Blogs : Very popular online interaction element, it is a website started with a motive (To promote passion), it can be a personnel blog, travel blog, photography blog, portfolios, etc.
  • Public Speaking : Speaking the correct content, correct tone and with correct gestures is very essential to entertain and lure the audience and dissolve them in your syrups of happiness.
  • Presentations : It can relate to any PowerPoint/Prezi/etc presentations which offer a quick view and idea about a wide topic. A deeper and smaller representation of something is bigger in actual terms.
  • White Papers : These are smaller descriptions (4-5 pages) of a huge topic. Also known as research papers, written in professional language and uses less images.
  • eBooks : These are online books (novels/study material/encyclopedias/etc, which can be downloaded and read. It is available on lesser price than hard copy of book. It is good for a person who loves to read.

Three Stages of Content Marketing




OWN REACH : It is the reach that we get in organic ways by publishing on our personnel medias and sharing the media on our own.
PAID REACH : It is the reach which is earned using inorganic ways i.e. by paying for advertising your content to targeted audiences.
EARNED REACH : It is the highest level of reach which is earned when someone else (reader) shares your content, it is the desirable and best form of promotion that everyone desires for.

These content marketing tools and strategies are used by many social media channels also, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc are running and earning with this only. People now pay for there content to be showcased to larger audiences. In the coming days of digitization, content will be playing the major role for every sale, so start today !!!

Good Luck