Pay per click is an element in internet marketing where advertise pays a small fee every time his add is clicked it is an in organize approach to gaining visitors to your websites/product. Google has a bidding system where we bid to appear on top searches not only google but all search engines have their own Pay per click campaign management tools known as AdWords. When done on google we call it google AdWords or Pay per click and when done on other social media sites we call it AdWords ( Facebook  AdWords, Twitter AdWords, etc.)


     “Most people have a thinking that we will waste our money.” But when your PPC campaigns are working correctly then payment for one click can earn you ( *100) ranging profits.

But how this AdWords work? Will you appear on top ads?

  1. Create the campaign
  2. Add the value to your adwords account
  3. Set budget
  4. Set time limit( to run ad)
  5. Set other measures which can help you hit correct audience
  6. Drop a bid
  7. Submit

Why Campaigning ?

PPC and AdWords campaigns brings high quality and high quantity results. It not only increases brand value but also promises to build potential users up to an extent.

ROI 100%
Branding 95%
Reach 87%
Impressions 80%
Engagement 70%

Every time a keyword is typed, Google searches into its AdWords advertisers list and choose a set of winners and makes them appear on result page. It digs into its cloud and picks up best SEO results and top bids (depending on some factors to be discussed soon). Sponsored ads are displayed on the top area of landing page followed by SEO results (TOP 10).

How winners are chosen?

  • Based on keywords in users campaign ads
  • Quality and relevance
  • Size of keywords
  • Also it checks ad ranks

Ad Rank is calculated based on two factors:

  1. Bid (CPC) : Highest amount that advertiser is paying to google. While setting the bid advertiser chooses keywords, landing page, campaign budget and max bid.
  2. Quality score : This value helps google to choose the correct ad. Based on quality of your website and landing page, keyword selected and bid, quality score is calculated and position is calculated for the landing page of google search results.
Max Bid QS Ad Rank Position
Ad #1 $2 10 20 1
Ad #2 $4 4 16 2
Ad #3 $6 2 12 3
Ad #4 $8 1 8 4

Hence, good quality score is eligible of changing stats even with low (Max) bid.

Alternate methods: CPA Bids, CPM Bids

What your keywords or website must have?


  • Relevant
  • High Quality
  • No negative words (sale, price)
  • No connector (sale,price)
  • Exhaustive


  • Good landing page.
  • HIGH Quality Images
  • Low size images
  • Good amount of content
  • Related and readable content