In this article, we are going to tell you, How to grow business with social media and keep serving your customers during COVID-19 outbreak.

As a result of COVID-19, almost every country has been in a state of lockdown and as a protective measure people are maintaining social distance and are staying at their homes, while it is good for public health but bad for businesses. Many business owners are worried that the impact of COVID-19 will be deeper and long-lasting and how it will affect their business in the coming days. As a result, business owners and industry leaders are looking up ways to keep their customers during the COVID-19 lockdown. Here are some ways to keep your customers and clients engaged with the help of social media, so that you can understand ‘how to grow business’ after corornavirus crisis.

Communication with Customers

The foremost and the most important thing is to communicate with your customers what are they doing at home quarantine or tell them if you are closing the store, changed the timings or what steps you are taking to keep your work environment clean and safe. Make a way to stay connected with customers, direct orders to your e-commerce store, use social media and your website to take orders.

Brand Awareness & Engagement

During this COVID-19 outbreak 90% of people are staying at home so take benefit from this situation and keep posting and create ads to target more and more people and making them know what your brand is and making a way to convert them as your customers. You can also retarget those people who are already your customers to make them regular customers. People staying at home still need to shop for things so you have to consistently retarget people so that they bought things from your shop only. Engagement is another factor you have to consider because if you are posting things that didn’t interest your customer then your engagement rate decreases. Posting engaging content increases your engagement rate and also help in growing your business through social media.

How to grow business with Social Media?

  • Clothing Industry

     The clothing industry during the COVID-19 outbreak can benefit most because as the people are staying at home so they are using mobile and TV more in comparison to normal days.

           So, if you are in a clothing business then you can do brand awareness by promoting your brand on social media and post engaging content and run ads so that people can get converted and more likely to click your ads and purchase something from your online shop.

          Engagement means more and more people view your content and react on it by likes, comments, and shares on social media. You can also give discounts and offer to get more conversion. You can also tell customers about the logistics and delivery process and the measures you are taking to help prevent spreading COVID-19 during your delivery process

  • Gyms and Fitness Centers

          Gyms and fitness centers are closed due to coronavirus outbreak and so is the public had been cut from fitness. So if you have owned a gym or fitness center then you don’t have to step back and wait for the situation to be better, you have to run your business consistently and by improving your social media by engaging and promotional content so that it can benefit you after the lockdown period.

        You have to create post and run ads that can generate leads for you in the coming period. From now onwards make bookings for people for joining the gym after lockdown period. You can give offers and discounts to people at your advantage so that people can take an interest in your membership. Tell people more about the facilities and cleanliness regarding COVID-19.

  • Tutors, Personal trainers, and Therapists

     As most of the people are quarantined at home so you have to make sure that you have to make some way to stay connected to your people. If you are a tutor, personal trainer or therapist then you can use social media more efficiently by making video content for people regarding trainings and therapy. You can also stream or video chat your services so that you can interact well with your customers and your customers also get updated with your services.

  • Health Industry or E-commerce

       Health industry can benefit the most in the COVID-19 outbreak because if you have to recover or protect yourself from the coronavirus then you have to take proper health services and health-related items. Like, there has been an increasing demand for sanitizers and masks during this COVID-19 outbreak and almost 80% of the people are buying these items.

         So, if you are a health expert or you have a medicine store then you can sell health items at a discount online by engaging people on social media so that more and more people can get benefit from that. One important thing you have to make sure that you are selling those items at MRP or you can give a slight discount but you cannot give those items at a higher rate as it is not right for the people in emergency.

     Likely if you have an e-commerce store that has daily use items can also grow because people still have to buy things of daily use and you can also give them discount on some items and promoting and selling your items through social media channels by giving links and referrals.

●      YouTubers & Gaming platforms

       If you are a YouTuber then this is the right time you have to upload your content because people staying home are more likely to surf youtube more consistently than normal days. So, it is a great chance to increase your views and engagement rate on youtube. YouTube channels like spoof, comedy, music, and health are more likely to perform better in the lockdown period and can take more benefit from it.

   Gaming platforms has seen an immense increase in the market and most of the visitors on the platform are children’s of young age on platforms like gaming apps, online gaming websites because as the schools are closed because of the outbreak and the children’s are staying at the home so they are spending most of the time playing games. So, if you make games or you have an online game store then you can get benefit from it you can make video content and promote on social media by running ads or posting engaging content.

      As of now no solution has been found to fight coronavirus and because of this many businesses have suffered a Great loss the share market is also running low. So as till the present condition didn’t get normal you can follow the “How to grow your business” tips given above to keep serving your custome and help your business grow in difficult situations.

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Coronavirus outbreak has started a domino effect in the business world. The whole global market has been affected by it, as there was no escaping from it. Today the whole world is connected, so when this outbreak started in China, every business was affected because of large dependence on China for manufacturing. But even at that time, no one had imagined that this will turn into a crisis because soon enough Coronavirus was spread to other countries as well, including India and forced them to lockdown their cities. It was an essential step but it has hindered the economic activities to a very large extent. Now, the situation is such that the Share market is making new lowest closing records every day and every business is concerned about their survival. But, once this coronavirus crisis is over, some steps can be taken to bring back the business on line. We have discussed some such measures down below.

  • Cash Flow Management:

Immediate problem that most of the businesses are going to face, will be the cash crunch. Which makes it important to ensure that the sufficient cash inflow would be the first order of business. For this, you can start evaluating your finances more regularly, for example, weekly evaluation of your cash inflows and outflows and cut down on outflow wherever possible.

  • Inventory Management:

Proper inventory management can be a big game-changer for manufacturing and trading business. Inventory blocks a good chunk of working capital, which is a luxury in time like this. For this business can use advance mathematical tools to optimize their inventory related operations, so that minimum capital will be blocked in it. The capital saved can a key element in the survival of the business in the after-crisis world.

  • Focus on Core Competencies:

After the coronavirus crisis business will be in the survival mode, so it will be essential to focus on its core competencies to ensure smooth revival. Testing a new product or service can be a risky venture, special when the business will be having little cash reserve to back it up. It can lead to a waste of time and money or worse, it can affect your core business and can damage the business’s well-established image. If you want to try something new, first ensure that business is back on track and is profitable, then you will be in a position to try out new things.

  • Clear Strategy:

It will be a sensitive time for business in which shifting of clients can be experienced. So, a business has to make sure to expand its client base, which can be done by drawing clients from the competitors. After the coronavirus crisis, every business will not be mentally prepared regarding their future strategy, so it will be a good time to do so. But at the same to you also have to ensure the retention of the current client through proper communication with them and letting then know that business is fully back to serve that the best.

  • Step up Marketing Efforts:

Many businesses thing to cut back on marketing expenses in time like this. But this is the exact opposite of what they should do. In this time, customers are restless and making your brand name appear in front of them should be your priority. Because if not you then your competitor will and it’s a lot harder to chase your competitor’s client than getting a fresh one. So, whichever business will be able to get their name out there in front of potential customers, will be a step ahead of others.

  • Keep a Check on Debts:

It’s difficult for a business to resist from getting debt in harder times, but a debt borrowed when a business is not yet profitable can lead to a debt trap. And this debt trap is the reason for the insolvency of many businesses. Before taking any loan, evaluate the business’s balance sheet very thoroughly and check whether it’s in a position to pay back the loan even if things do not go as planned.

  • Team Productivity:

After getting back from days of lockdown, it will be important to get the whole team on the same page again. Business can observe a hit on productivity because of misalignment in employees’ efforts. So, it has to ensure minimum waste of efforts through proper communication and quick synchronization of work. This will help the business to return to its normal routine and to carry on with other activities.

Keeping your business afloat will be difficult but not impossible if you make decisions with a cool and calm mind then you can definitely come up with a perfect strategy for your business to survive and grow. But one thing that can differentiate your business will be your marketing efforts. Your business’s digital marketing presence will be going to make a big impact on your potential customers, do not lose out on this opportunity, connect with the best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, Urmad Solutions, now.    

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Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform owned by Facebook. it was created by Mike Krieger and Kevin systrom. this app was first designed in iOS and a year and a half later an android version was developed. the app allows the user to share the photo and video as posts, user can also browse other user and all the other hashtags and location information and now Instagram have introduced Instagram ads and story mode in which user can update their follower, what they were doing the whole day (separated but connected)


Moving On To The Topic!!

In November 2013 Instagram offered its first ad but had a hard time developing an ad strategy but made through it in the market successfully


Photo sharing is the key feature of Instagram which allows the account holder to share the picture with their followers or people that are connected with, but things have changed in today’s world now people are using these photos to promote their product, service, brand, events and much more. this feature offers them call to action, shop now, install now, leading them to the appropriate page and opening to all the advertisers.

Instagram ads


These ads allow the user to post multiple photos or videos if one not being sufficient and effective for you. these ads give you full information about the product, services, event, etc. these ads keep engagement for a long time as compared to the rest of the ads because it showcases the product from every angle.


Instagram ads

“Build your own Mercedes ad” is one of the examples of this advertisement. it starts with the welcome page with the ability to choose your own color, alloys, and all the other features. for every feature selected the user is directed to the new page until the whole process is completed.

The Instagram story mode was launched in August 2016 which allows users to capture photo and video, add effects and layers, this story expires in 24
hours since this was the biggest hit feature for Instagram, later it got converted as an advertising feature for the service providers. this ad appears while switching to different stories, these ads have the swipe up feature which directs the viewer to the appropriate page.


This ad feature of Instagram helps the user to post the video for 30-60 seconds providing exact information or a teaser to a product. video ads are considered very digital for media as viewer rate is much higher than another medium of advertisements.



Instagram ads can be functioned through facebook, it offers many more functions depending on the campaigns you want to run.
it got awareness campaign which helps in increasing the reach and brand awareness and if you want to be specific about the digital advertisement, it offers traffic building, increases in the engagement, app installation, lead generation and etc also offers the conversion for store traffic or catalog sales

Digital Marketing has evolved as an indispensable business strategy in the contemporary world. While the big players in the market have already switched to digital marketing. Small Business are in puzzlement about how to market themselves.  They still believe with the fact that traditional marketing like print media, TV ads and radio advertisements will bring in customers. They rely on the fact that their service is good and somehow traditional marketing solely combined with their good quality service can bring in customers.

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