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Affiliate Marketing is a game of three players




Affiliate marketing is the most practiced and most famous form of marketing. In old times we used to call it network marketing, now this network marketing is done on online media (digital media) using some affiliate tools and affiliate platforms available to many e-commerce and other websites. It basically refers to advertising of a product belonging to someone else on your own website, if a reader of your website click the link and buys the product, then you will be earning a small percentage of the product value irrespective of the fact that the product doesn’t belong with you.

Many people today indulge into affiliate marketing and create there affiliate websites or simply add affiliate links to there running blogs/websites to gather user attention. Many people also get confused in pay per click and affiliate marketing !!! But there is a lot of difference on the other side. Pay per click system takes money for every click that the user does while searching on the search engine whereas under affiliate marketing one doesn’t have to pay to search engines, rather pay to publisher who advertises for advertiser. If a random user click the affiliate link and lands on buying page and doesn’t buy anything, publisher will not get any money, money will only be given on users successfully buying the product.

Many online trading websites run there affiliate marketing programs because they consider it much beneficial as compared to pay per click (due to above mentioned reason). Today big e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, E-bay, etc have there dedicated affiliate marketing programs. They offer a pre-decided percentage on different products. The percentage can vary from 5% to 50% depending upon the category of product that affiliate is publishing. A very basic description of the affiliate process can be :

  1. User wants to buy a product
  2. User lands on an affiliate website while going through search results
  3. User is redirected to the advertiser’s website
  4. User likes the product and buys it
  5. Advertiser ( e-commerce website ) rewards the publisher (Affiliate) with the decided percentage

Many people present a doubt about how will they ensure that the money lands to correct affiliate marketing ? For this query solving all advertising websites give a URL to affiliates and an ID associated with the same is also given. With the affiliate ID a new account is created where affiliates can keep a record of there earning and benefits. And URL provided links the company to the correct account to avoid any confusion, hence it is safe and trustworthy platform to work upon if your advertising website presents you with these two things and provides a personnel account for handling the transactions.

What are the different terms that you may come across while working in affiliates ?

  1. Affiliates : The person who wants to publish products on his/her websites. ( It can be you or someone else )
  2. Affiliate Marketplace  : It is the place from where all the affiliates operate. It is the central zone of there operation much like a base camp of affiliates. Many marketplaces exists today like : linkshare, cj, clickbank, shareasale, avantlink, etc.
  3. Affiliate Software : Software used by different companies to create unique affiliate programs. Like : CAKE, HASoffers, LinkTrust, OmniStar, etc.
  4. Affiliate Link : Every product you display on your website will have a unique URL which will help the merchant keep a record of your activity and reward you for the same later.
  5. Affiliate ID (AID) : It is an unique ID that publishers get from merchants for an ease of identification and record keeping and tracking.
  6. Payment Modes : It is the way you get your reward (percentage on sale) via cheque, DD, direct transfer, paypal, etc
  7. Landing Page : It is the page which the user lands on or gets connected with when they click on your link. It must be attractive and informative to assist user in buying a deal.
  8. Commission : It is the percentage of money that is associated with your earning on a successful buying of products.